Lockout Tagout is prevention of accidental energy release. Do you have the time, the people and the skills to implement this?

LOTO procedures are sometimes complex to address

Defining and implementing a successful Lock-Out/Tag-Out system can be complex. To be efficient and effective, a safe isolation system requires a comprehensive review of the procedures, training and equipment, as well as consideration of how work activities are undertaken.

If badly managed, the procedure can be incomplete, time consuming and in the worst case neglect employees safety and even lead to accidents.

Good lock out procedures and practices are not just a question of keeping the company compliant with the latest regulation and legislation. To achieve the best results, lock out procedures must be embedded in the organization hearts and minds, and not just a policy document.

Save time and money.

Master Lock®, Worldwide Experts in Lock-Out Solutions

Master Lock® brings its unique expertise to deliver industry complete, simple & effective LOTO procedure through 3 customizable modules.

  • Module 1: Audit
  • Module 2: Develop & Implement
  • Module 3: Post Implementation Audit & Review

Master Lock Services provides you a unique tailored audit solution that meets each organization's need and requirement. Make sure to implement a LOTO procedure that works and will grow in your facility.